Q: Are there any new albums coming out?

A: I am always working on new music and recording. A great way to keep up to date and hear previews of the latest material is to sign up for the newsletter.

Q: Do you have a peanut butter pie recipe?

 A: Here are two! 

This one is Vegan

This one is not

If you have a favorite, please share!

Q: Can you recommend any music while we wait for new stuff from you?

A: Yup! Right now I'm a fan of Turn, Turn, Turn by Elizabeth Mitchell and Dan Zanes, Colour It by Helen Austin, and Educated Kid by The Hipwaders. I'm also obsessed with Químbombó, a single by PALO! Watch it on YouTube here.

 Also, The Children's Music Network is a wonderful resource for family-friendly music.

Q: What do you do when you're not singing and touring?

A: I'm pretty much always singing, to the chagrin of any who live with me. 

When I am not touring or giving workshops, I am teaching privately in Miami, Fl. If you're interested in my programs, contact me here.

Q: My dad/mom/other grown-up has a guitar/ukulele at home.

          A: Amazing. Let's jam.